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Blog - Why are we talking about winter in summer?

We’re currently in the midst of a heat wave, so it would seem silly that we’re talking about winter right? Well actually it isn’t.

Think about it. It’s warm you probably have all the doors and windows open anyway, so actually it’s a really good time of year to have work done on your home in preparation for the colder times ahead, even if it does seem a long way off!

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In Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly we have a problem keeping homes warm and dry. Living in a cold, damp and mouldy home can have a real impact on our health. They are too expensive to heat them well enough to keep them dry. It costs more than it should to heat an average home so this is what we call fuel poverty.

New figures released last week show that we have made good progress in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly in reducing our fuel poverty levels from nearly 36,000 homes down to just over 31,000.

And that’s all before you take into account our recent work helping people through the Warm and Well programme.

We helped 100 cold and damp homes in 100 working days to be warmer, and keep the residents well, and we could help you too. If you or someone you know spent last winter in a cold damp home, and has a health condition then they could be eligible for upgrades to heating systems and insulation.

We’re ready to help so give Bev a call and find out how we can make cold shivery winters a thing of the past. Call 01872 326552 or visit the Warm and Well Cornwall website

Denis Cronin is a public health consultant who leads work on wider determinants of health, which includes subjects such as fuel poverty, sexual health and immunisations and communicable diseases.  I began my career in mental health in the early 80s which gave me a solid understanding of many of the causes of ill-health and the consequences. My move into Public Health about 20 years ago enabled me to concentrate on prevention and in enabling people to have a better chance of living healthy lives.