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International Women's Day - profile on chartered scientist and environmental protection officer

In honour of International Women’s Day today, we've met some of the women in the council doing interesting jobs here in Cornwall.

My name is Eloise Travis. 

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I’m a chartered scientist and environmental protection officer for Cornwall Council and I specialise in air quality. 

My job is varied! In a typical week, you might find me sitting at my desk pouring through technical reports. Or advising council officers on how an application for a big new housing development might affect air quality. 

Or, I could be out and about visiting one of Cornwall’s working quarries to carry out industry regulation duties.

Recently, I’ve been overseeing a project to test if hydrogen electrolysers really work. A hydrogen electrolyser is a clever piece of equipment that you can retro fit to a car to generate hydrogen gas. We’re testing to see if they reduce vehicle emissions. 

I’ve worked for the Council for seven years. Before that I was an air quality officer for Auckland Council in New Zealand. 

One of the most interesting experiences I’ve had as an environmental protection officer is visiting Falmouth dry docks and seeing the ships out of the water when they’re being repainted. Walking around underneath them is a very strange experience. It looks like they are just balancing on blocks of wood! 

What I love most about my job is that it’s so varied. 

I love living in Cornwall because the lifestyle is more relaxed than elsewhere in the Country and we are lucky to have so many great beaches and places to visit on our doorstep.