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Local Government Transparency Code

In 2015, the Government updated the Local Government Transparency Code which sets out categories of information that all Councils should be publishing. We already publish much of the information set out in the Code and we are in the process of finalising any information that is not already available. 

We are fully committed to the Code and have endeavoured to publish the information as fully as possible. There may be some cases where we are still working on publishing additional pieces of information that are not yet available. This is primarily down to changes required in information management systems where historically we have not collated or recorded information in a format that makes the information easily obtainable.

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  • Expenditure Exceeding £500
    This information provides details of payments to suppliers where the invoice was for £500 or over.

  • Procurement Card Transactions
    Here you can find details of spending on Council payment cards. 

  • Procurement Information (contracts and tenders)
    This information provides details of contracts entered into by the Council, along with tender opportunities.

  • Local Authority Land
    Here you can find details of Council owned land and property. 

  • Social Housing Asset Value
    Here you can find the value of social housing stock that is held in the Council’s Housing Revenue Account

  • Grants to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations
    Details of grants and payments to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations can be found here.  

  • Organisation Chart
    This section provides a snapshot as at December 2019 of details of  the top three levels of Cornwall Council including salary details. 

  • Trade Union Facility Time
    Here you can find information on Trade Union related activity including staffing and spending. 

  • Parking Account
    This information provides a breakdown of income and expenditure on the Council’s parking account and can be found in the Council’s Annual Parking Report. 

  • Parking Spaces
    Information regarding Council car parks and spaces.

  • Senior Salaries
    This section provides details of senior Council staff whose earnings are over £50,000. 

  • Constitution 
    This is where you will find the Council’s Constitution.

  • Pay Multiple
    This sets out the ratio between the highest paid officer – the Chief Executive -and the median earnings figure of the whole of the Council’s workforce.

  • Fraud
    This information sets out key facts and figures on staffing, costs and numbers of cases in relation to investigations and fraud.

  • Waste Contract
    Here you can find details of the Council’s Integrated Waste Management Contract.

The data on this page and via the links is published under the Open Government License and is available for you to re-use as you like. Where possible, we have made this data available in both a 'human-readable' format (such as PDF) and an open, 'machine-readable' format that is not dependent on any specific software (such as CSV or XML).

If you have any thoughts, ideas or comments about how we have presented our information please tell us your views by emailing