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Senior council managers

Who are our senior council managers?

Our senior council managers are the Chief Executive, Strategic Directors and Service Directors.  Together with the leaders of our arm's length companies, they make up the Extended Leadership Team. 

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The Extended Leadership Team is the main officer decision making body and works alongside and for the councillors you elect to run the public services of Cornwall. These range from protecting vulnerable children and adults and managing more than 7,439 kilometres of roads, to overseeing almost 300 schools with responsibility for the lives of 120,000 children and young people, providing social housing, benefits, waste, planning and environment services, and protecting public safety.

The Leadership Team is responsible for an annual gross expenditure budget of £1.2bn, more than 5,800 full time equivalent employees (excluding schools and arm's length organisations) and leads an organisation that serves a population of around 540,000, which is larger than major cities such as Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. Created through the merger of the six former borough and district councils and Cornwall County Council in 2009, the unitary council is made up of 123 councillors who are elected every four years to represent the people of Cornwall. 

The Leadership Team meets weekly and is responsible amongst other things for:

  • Managerial leadership and direction of the Council and its family of businesses
  • Providing the formal response to Cabinet policy direction and the development of corporate policy and initiatives for Cabinet consideration
  • Co-ordination and commissioning of council-wide activity, planning and programme management