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Council tax support during Coronavirus Pandemic

Is there any financial help I can get with my Council Tax?

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, there is support available and the Council can help you if you have been affected.

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If you need help to pay your council tax, whatever your age and circumstances, you should claim Council Tax Support.

How to make a claim

The Government has announced a further contribution to the Council Tax Hardship Fund so that we are able to give everyone of working age currently receiving Council Tax Support (22,000 households) an extra £150.

This will happen automatically and those people who are currently in receipt of Council Tax Support will receive a reduced Council Tax bill shortly.

If you are already getting Council Tax support and;

  • struggling to pay some of your Council Tax
  • struggling to pay all your Council Tax, (including any balances you still have for 2019/2020)

We can provide financial assistance towards your Council Tax through our exceptional relief award. Find out below how to make a claim.

How to make a claim to our relief award

If you would like to ask a question or request more information about your Council Tax Support claim, please use our online form to contact the team.

Make sure you’re claiming any other benefits you are entitled to. Some aren’t available through the Council, so check the GOV.UK benefits calculator to see what else you can apply for.

The Government has announced some additional help for people whose household income has been affected due to coronavirus. Please read our benefits and coronavirus information.

We have suspended all recovery action until at least the end of April. This will allow you time to discuss your financial situation and find out what help is available.

It is important that you keep in touch with us and let us know if you are going to miss a payment or not pay the full amount, so that we can agree to a special payment plan. 

This may mean that we can move your payments due in April and May to the end of the year if you pay over 10 months. However we can look at the best option for your circumstances.

We can also look at your arrears so that we can consider everything you owe to us and avoid any extra costs or charges.

Contact us using our online contact form

We appreciate that this is a difficult time for many of our residents and that the COVID-19 virus is having a significant impact on the economy.

Your Council Tax pays for our essential services that are delivered to all residents in Cornwall, so it is really important that if your circumstances have not changed that you continue to pay what you should, maintain your direct debit payments, or payment plan, as detailed on your bill.