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Data by area

Resources in Cornwall – Data by Area

The following page signposts to the main resources in Cornwall for data by geographical area. Please see the national sources of data page for other resources. If you are looking for Cornwall specific information on a specific topic area, see the Resources in Cornwall - Data by Topic pages.

Data for areas within Cornwall is commonly used for community planning, targeting services and developing funding bids. How conditions vary between our communities also allows for a much deeper understanding than a Cornwall average.

In general, there is more data available for neighbourhoods than any other geography below Cornwall level (the statistical areas are known as 'Lower Super Output Areas',  or LSOAs).  LSOAs are also small enough (around 1,500 people) so you can usually add them together to make your chosen geography (a settlement for example).  

See our Understanding Geographies bitesized guide for more details and links to view boundaries.

The main resource for data, maps and infographics about geographical areas in Cornwall is the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).

Other resources: