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2011 Census: Cornish identity

73,200, or 14% of the total population, stated in the 2011 Census that they have Cornish national identity

Information on the Cornish National Identiy is included in 2011 Census; An overview of the headline figures for Cornwall.

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The Cornish were subsequently recognized as a national minority in 2014 and the Council has a Members Working Group on Cornish national minority status.

In the 2011 Census the three questions that apply to ‘Cornish’ were:

15. What is your national identity?

16. What is your ethnic group?

18.   What is your main language ?

The 2011 Census was the first to enable people to identify themselves as Cornish under the White: British category, by writing in the word 'Cornish'. It was also the first time that people could record their language as Cornish, again as a write-in option.

Anyone who recorded their national identity or language as Cornish using the write-in option were coded, alongside anyone who recorded themselves as both British and Cornish (the national identity question allows for multiple identification). 

During the Census period the Council put together a poster containing information on how people could complete their forms with 'Cornish' should they wish to do so.