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Casual vacancy procedure

A casual vacancy on a Town or Parish Council may arise for a number of reasons for example, a Councillor has resigned, passed away, or they have failed to attend any meetings for 6 months.

All resignations must be made in writing to the Chairperson of the Parish Council. Once received that resignation cannot be withdrawn.

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When a vacancy occurs, the Parish Clerk must notify Electoral Services at Cornwall Council as soon as possible with the details of which Councillor has caused the vacancy.

The vacancy must then be advertised in the Town or Parish, usually on parish noticeboards, for a period of 14 working days excluding dies-non (e.g. bank holidays and weekends).

During this time, an election can be requested by 10 electors from the electoral area in writing to Electoral Services at Cornwall Council. The request must be received by the last date on the notice of vacancy for an election to be held.

If the 14 days have passed and an election has not been requested by ten electors, the Town or Parish Council will be informed that they can co-opt a suitable person onto the council to fill the vacancy.

Electoral Services maintains a list of the Current Town and Parish Casual Vacancies.