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Polling Districts and Polling Places Review 2019

Final recommendations

The Council's Constitution and Governance Committee meeting on 5 November 2019 will be asked to approve the final polling district order for polling districts in the current 122 electoral divisions.

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This order will reflect the final recommendations passed by the Constitution and Governance Committee on 12 September 2019. Further details are available in the maps and schedules from the 12 September meeting.

An order for the polling districts in the new 87 electoral divisions will be passed in November 2020.

This consultation has now closed.

Between 17 June and 29 July 2019, we consulted on our stage 2 proposals for polling districts and polling stations for two schemes:

We are reviewing our polling district and polling place arrangements for elections.

The Council is consulting the public to seek their comments on the suitability of the polling station they used the last time they voted in person at an election.

This review may change where you vote at future elections.

Are you happy with your polling station? Can you suggest something better?

New electoral divisions will take effect at the 2021 council elections. Our polling districts and polling stations from 2021 will need to be compatible with the division boundaries from then.

The review timetable began on 4 March 2019.

Documents relating to the review can be inspected on this website at or at main Council Offices and libraries (including the mobile library) set out in Appendix A of the Notice of Review

Public consultation will be held in two stages between the following dates:

  • Stage 1: 4 March to 15 April 2019
  • Stage 2: 17 June to 29 July 2019

The Council’s Constitution and Governance Committee Responses will then approve new Polling Districts and Polling Places Orders for the six Parliamentary constituencies in Cornwall.

We aim to complete our review by 1 December 2019. Then we will publish a new register of electors based on our final recommendations for electoral arrangements in the current 122 electoral divisions. This will facilitate any unitary or parish by-elections that could occur up to November 2020.

We also aim to publish a new register of electors on 1 December 2020. This register will be based on our electoral arrangements in the 87 new electoral divisions that will take effect at the 2021 unitary and parish elections.

More details on the new 2021 arrangements are available via the Local Government Boundary Commission for England website and our interactive mapping.

(To view the name of the new division on our interactive mapping, please click on the area of the map you are interested in. A dialogue box should appear containing the new division name.)

Please note: 

The Polling District and Polling Places Review is NOT the same as the Community Governance Review. These reviews are completely separate and must each follow a different legal process. However, Cornwall Council will be monitoring responses for both reviews for any crossover issues.

To view schedules and maps showing the recommendations for the polling districts and polling stations in your area, please use the links below:

Acting Returning Officer's Reports

In April 2019, the Acting Returning Officer for each Parliamentary Constituency in Cornwall published a report responding to the stage 1 consultation period and commenting on the polling districts and polling stations in each area.

To view the Acting Returning Officer's reports, please use the links below:

The Register of Electors in Cornwall is divided into over 500 local areas (“polling districts”). By law, every polling district must be assigned a polling place where electors can vote at elections.

Around 450 buildings are used as polling stations in Cornwall. Most are village and church halls, schools and community centres, but we also use some portable cabins and even a 19th century Cornish castle.

The review will aim to ensure that voting arrangements for future elections suit the needs of electors in each area, so that electors have access to reasonable facilities for voting. 

The Council is required by law to review all polling districts and polling stations in Cornwall by 31st January 2020.

At the end of this review, new Polling Districts and Polling Places Orders will be made for each of the Parliamentary constituencies in Cornwall.

It is intended that the orders will implement changes in two stages:

  • to be compatible with the current 122 electoral divisions up to the end of December 2020, and
  • to be compatible with the new 87 electoral divisions to be implemented at the 2021 local elections. 

It is expected that the orders will also need to be compatible with new Parliamentary Constituency boundaries if the Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill is enacted.