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Council and democracy consultations

We regularly respond to Government consultations to help shape the future delveopment of national policy and ensure that the views of Cornwall are heard.

You can view our responses to previous consultations below. 

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These are the responses for 2016.

Below is a list of responses from earlier years. To request a copy of the text please contact

  • The audit and inspection of local authorities: a call for evidence - views on future arrangements in all the areas that previously fell within the responsibility of the Audit Commission
  • Future of Local Public Audit: A consultation - views on proposals to establish a decentralised, local audit regime that will replace the Audit Commission
  • Open Public Services White Paper response Covering letter
  • Open Public Services White Paper response - Views on the Governments plans to improve public Services
  • Localising Support for Council Tax in England - views on proposals on key elements of a framework for local support for council tax
  • Making Open Data Real - views on the government’s proposed approach for a transparency and open data strategy for public services
  • Technical reform of council tax -  views on options in relation to the council tax liabilities of second home owners and the owners of empty properties
  • Initial Proposals for New Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries in England -  views on the Government's initial proposals to reduce the total number of constituencies in England from 533 to 502 and make sure that each constituency contains a similar number of registered electors
  • Localising Support for Council Tax: Funding Arrangements - views on the way funding will be distributed to support local schemes, regarding possible adjustments to allocations to avoid potential budgetary pressures in a few authorities.
  • Fiscal devolution to cities and city regions inquiry - Communities and Local Government Committee, January 2014
  • Independent Commission on Local Government Finance response, August 2014 
  • UK Transposition of new EU Procurement Directives response, October 2014
  • Political and Constitutional Reform Committee Inquiry: Devolution after the referendum response, October 2014
  • Local Welfare provision consultation response, November 2014
  • Proposal to use Legislative Reform Orders in forming a combined authority or economic prosperity board response, January 2015
  • Consultation Response - UK Transposition of new EU Procurement Directive - Concessions Contracts Regulations 2016, September 2015
  • Cornwall Council Submission to Spending Review 2015, September 2015
  • The decapitalisation rates for the 2017 business rates revaluation, November 2015
  • Improving Efficiency of Council Tax Collection, November 2015
  • Reforming Business Rate Appeals; check, challenge, appeal, December 2015