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Economy consultations

We regularly respond to Government consultations to help shape the future delveopment of national policy and ensure that the views of Cornwall are heard.

You can view our responses to previous consultations below. 

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These are the responses for 2016.

Below is a list of responses from earlier years. To request a copy of the text please contact

  • Principles for economic regulation: a call for evidence - views on a proposed set of principles for economic regulation and how they should be applied in practice.
  • Consultation on Fast-track Review of Feed-in Tariffs for Small Scale Low-carbon Electricity - views on proposed bands and accompanying changes to the tariffs for solar photovoltaics over 50KW and farm-scale anaerobic digestion.
  • A Competition Regime for Growth: A consultation on options for reform - views on proposals to create a single competition and markets authority by merging the competition functions of the Office of Fair Trading with the Competition Commission.
  • Local Government Resource Review: Proposals for Business Rate Retention - views on government's proposals to change the way local government is funded by introducing retention of business rates.  It also seeks views on options for enabling authorities to carry out tax increment financing within the business rates retention system
  • Revision of Industrial Development Act 1982 - views on the benefits of revising the Industrial Development Act 1982 to reflect the current economic situation
  • Proposals to align nine directives with the new legislative framework - views on the European Commission’s proposals to align a package of nine directives to the new legislative framework
  • Rail Fares and Ticketing Review - views to inform the government’s Rail Fares and Ticketing Review
  • Rail Decentralisation: Devolving decision making on passenger rail services in England  - views on how to devolve, where appropriate, more accountability and decision-making related to local English rail services to sub-national bodies, such as local authorities and passenger transport executives.  
  • Department for Transport: Rail fares and ticketing review - views to inform the government’s Rail Fares and Ticketing Review.
  • Department for Transport: Rail decentralisation - Devolving decision-making on passenger rail services in England  -  views on how to devolve, where appropriate, more accountability and decision-making related to local English rail services to sub-national bodies, such as local authorities and passenger transport executives.
  • How are rural interests being recognised within Local Enterprise Partnerships? - Response to the Commission for Rural Communities consultation, July 2012
  • Technical Consultation on Business Rates Retention consultation response, July 2012
  • Localising Support for Council Tax: Council Tax Base and Funding for Local Precepting Authorities Consultation, October 2012
  • Technical Reforms to Council, Empty Homes Premium: Calculation of Council Tax Base Consultation, October 2012
  • ONS Consultation on Job Centre Vacancy series response, November 2012
  • ONS Consultation on the production and dissemination of Claimant Count statistics following the introduction of Universal Credit, November 2012
  • Business Rates Retention Draft Consultation response, November 2012
  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills call for evidence: Shaping a UK strategy for Agri-Tech consultation response, November 2012
  • Bus Subsidy Reform Consultation response, November 2012
  • Major Infrastructure Planning Reform consultation Response, Amendments to the definitions for Highways and Rail Nationally Significant Schemes in the Planning Act, January 2013
  • Measuring Child Poverty consultation response, February 2013
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Local Growth, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Enterprise Zones consultation response, March 2013
  • Integrated Transport Block Funding consultation response, March 2013
  • BIS Street Trading and Pedlary laws consultation response, April 2013
  • Rising to the challenge: how LEP can deliver local growth strategies consultation response, July 2013
  • New Build Empty Property Technical Consultation response, July 2013
  • DCLG Property Owner BIDs Consultation response, August 2013
  • Capital Receipts to invest in reforming services consultation response, September 2013
  • Greater flexibilities for change of use consultation response, September 2013
  • New Homes Bonus and the Local Growth Fund Technical consultation response, September 2013
  • Local Government Finance Settlement 2014/15 and 2015/16 - Technical consultation response, September 2013
  • Making public sector procurement more accessible to Small and Medium Enterprises, October 2013
  • Implementation in England of a Common Agricultural Policy, response from Cornwall Council, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, December 2013
  • 2014-2020 Assisted Areas Map response, February 2014
  • All Party Parliamentary Small Business Group Inquiry into the drivers of small business productivity, April 2014 
  • Independent commission on economic growth and the future of public services in non-metropolitan England response, June 2014 
  • Utilising the UK's existing airport capacity response, July 2014 
  • Joint response by Chief Economic Development Officers Society (CEDOS) to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee Inquiry into broadband in rural areas, November 2014
  • Consultation on the second tranche of Marine Conservation Zones, April 2015
  • Consultation Response: Business Rates Review, June 2015
  • Census 2021: Initial View on Content - Response from Cornwall Council, August 2015
  • Consultation Response: BIS Select Committee, September 2015
  • Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee: Inquiry into establishing world-class connectivity throughout the UK, September 2015
  • Business Rate Relief for Local Newspapers consultation, October 2015
  • Tackling the hidden economy response, October 2015
  • Climate change survey consultation, November 2015
  • Tactile Paving consultation, November 2015
  • BIS Select Committee on Exports and Role of UKTI, November 2015