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Housing and planning consultations

We regularly respond to Government consultations to help shape the future delveopment of national policy and ensure that the views of Cornwall are heard.

You can view our responses to previous consultations below.

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These are the responses for 2016.

Below is a list of responses from earlier years. To request a copy of the text please contact

  • New Homes Bonus - views on the implementation of the New Homes Bonus, which will provide a powerful, simple, transparent and permanent means of incentivising local authorities to increase their housing supply. It follows the coalition agreement to provide incentives for local authorities to deliver sustainable development, including for new homes and businesses.
  • Planning for traveller sites: A consultation - views on a new draft planning policy statement for traveller sites.
  • Draft National Planning Policy Framework: A consultation- views on the draft National Planning Policy Framework which is part of reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible, and to promote sustainable growth
  • Community Infrastructure Levy - views on government proposals on the reform of the community infrastructure levy
  • The Communities and Local Government Committee: Park Home Inquiry - views on the adequacy of the operation of the law as it affects park homes
  • Devolving local major transport schemes - views on a new system for prioritising
    and funding local major schemes beyond 2014-15
  • A Better Deal for Mobile Home Owners -  views on proposed reforms to the park homes sector, aimed at tackling a number of complaints made by residents of some mobile home site operators
  • Department of Health: Local Authority Health Scrutiny - views on regulations governing local authority health scrutiny.
  • New opportunities for sustainable development and growth through the reuse of existing buildings - views on key areas of work the government has identified in supporting sustainable development and growth through encouraging the reuse of empty and redundant existing buildings where the original use was no longer required or appropriate.
  • Streamlining Information Requirements for Planning Applications - views on three proposals relating to  information requirements for planning applications.These proposals include changes to secondary legislation on information requirements for outline planning applications, and a requirement that local authorities update their local lists of information requirements at least every two years. It also sets out proposed changes to the standard application form.
  • DCLG: Streamlining the planning application process consultation, February 2013
  • Housing standards review response and technical response, October 2013
  • Planning performance and planning contributions - Department for Communities and Local Government Consultation, May 2014
  • Land Registry: Wider Powers and Local Land Charges consultation response, May 2014
  • Department for Communities and Local Government: Pay to Stay: High income social tenants, November 2015
  • Response to the Housing and Planning Bill, December 2015