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Organisational Performance

Council Reporting - Council Performance Report (CPR)

The CPR demonstrates how the Council is performing against the agreed measures of success. These are stated in the Business Plan. The CPR is reviewed by Cabinet every quarter.

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The four key areas reported on are:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    Strategic performance indicators (with KPI explanations). These show how the Council is performing against the business priorities. 
  • Strategic Projects
    Summaries on the progress of strategic projects at a moment in time.
  • Finance
    Details of our financial position at the end of each quarter including progress against the Medium Term Financial Plan.
  • Strategic Risks
    Information about the position of the Council's strategic risks. (These are high level long-term exposures). Also includes any mitigating actions.

In Quarter 2 2020/21 the Council Performance Report changed format. It changed from a pdf document to an interactive performance dashboard, including relevant appendices. This was done to enhance the transparency of our performance reporting.

2020/21 Reports

Quarter 1 - 2020/21 Cabinet 16th September 2020 

Quarter 2 - 2020/21 Cabinet 16th December 2020

Quarter 3 - 2020/21 Cabinet 17th March 2021

Quarter 4 - 2020/21 

2019/20 Reports

Please select the links below to view reports from previous years