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We are always looking to improve our online services. In our current climate it has become even more important to ensure our online services are user friendly.

We are working with a user experience (UX) design company Nomensa to redesign our website with the aim of having a new website at the end of this year.

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UX design uses user research to produce websites which focus on the user experience. Our goal is to create a website that is efficient, and easy to use for everyone. Our website has over 10 million visits a year and is used by residents, business, tourists and staff to perform tasks but also to gain information.

To conduct our user reasearch we are using our website testing user group and participants from our digital inclusion training courses.

We ask the user group to help us by completing tasks. These tasks are designed to help us gain information about;

  • where you expect to find things,
  • what titles make sense to you
  • and what you find easy to use

This will help us build an navigation and design that works for you.

If you would like to get involved please join the group using the link above.

To begin to understand where you expect to find things we set two tasks for the group.

Task 1 - the card sort

The card sort

Task 2 - the treejack

The treejack

User research and testing

We spoke to 12 participants individually for an hour. (All sessions were completed remotely)

User research and testing

Next steps

Currently we are collating our report findings and feeding them into our design work.

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