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Doing December Differently

Do you know when the shortest day of the year is?  In 2020 it’s Monday December 21st. This year,  London will have 7 hours, 49 minutes and 42 seconds of daylight that day. We're not sure what it is for Cornwall.  Anyway, it means all of the following: 

  • School holidays- yay!  I may not see some of my mates – boo!
  • We’ll start to get more daylight – yay!  But only slowly – boo!
  • Summer is on the way – yay! But it will be a while yet – boo!
  • We’ve got a bunch of dazzling December activities for you – yay! And yay again!
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So for all of you who are

  • Arty/Crafty – like making things
  • Green – want to look after our planet
  • Sporty – like to jump around a bit
  • Outdoorsy – like being outside
  • Up for it – like a challenge
  • Cooky – fan of Bake Off or Masterchef
  • Or a fab person who is all of the above!!!!!

Have fun, enjoy yourself, stay safe and look after each other.

Here is our Doing December Differently activity booklet:

Doing December Differently booklet

This will help to keep you busy, buzzing, and bouncing your way through the final month of 2020.

See you in 2021.

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