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Videos to support emotional resilience

Each week, one of these videos will be featured on the Emotional Resilience page to work within the selected theme. You can access all videos here or work through them separately, as you wish.

Why fear is infectious

This video is a visual interpretation of the New York Times article and follows the exact script.

On blame


We need to talk about mental health

Self control/ Self-regulation with Cookie Monster

STOPP: CBT in a nutshell

3 ways to calm things down


Relationships and wellness

Mental Health Awareness Week: Kindness



School of Life: Resilience

Brains: Journey to Resilience


NHS: 5 Ways to Build Resilience

Resilient Rebecca

Resilient Rebecca Transcript

Just Breathe

Loneliness and Community

What is an Emotionally Healthy Childhood?

Brene Brown on Empathy