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IT equipment for schools

Donation of ICT equipment 

We are receiving generous offers from people who want to donate laptops and other devices, so that young people can benefit from them.

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You can contact a school direct, or you can email us at Please tell us the type of equipment you have. We will check this against the list of equipment schools have said they need, and tell you your nearest school to contact. 

Schools will wipe the hard drives and install safeguarding programmes and security systems. This will ensure that they are fully secure and match the rest of their school devices before distributing to pupils. 

You can also donate to a Crowdfunder that is raising funds for laptops and digital devices.  The funds raised will be used to buy equipment for the children and young people who need them, via their schools.

You can donate in this way by visiting the Crowdfunding website and clicking on ‘Support us’ or ‘Donate’ to pledge the amount you wish.