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Advice, support and training

Advisory visits

“Great ideas for getting the library in use after school”

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“The queue coming out of the door on library launch was amazing.  Parent librarians have also commented on how fired up the children are.”

As part of the Gold and Silver service levels (Bronze is advice via the telephone only)  the advisory visit is targeted to the needs of the school but can cover advice on:

  • Maximising the use of the school’s subscription to ELS to suit the needs of your school thus ensuring the best value for money
  • Making the most effective use of the school library to encourage reading for pleasure and purpose
  • Providing practical help and advice on re-vamping the school library including new furniture and fittings, improving the book stock and computerising library housekeeping.
  • Designing libraries in new-builds and new library areas

“The vastly improved non-fiction collection section has been noticed and appreciated by the children and they are keen to browse our up-to-date collection of books”

As part of the advisory service we can recommend a package of support. This practical, hands-on help in developing the library is part of the service level agreement for schools.  This can include such tasks as:

  • Weeding the library of out of date, tatty and irrelevant material
  • Re-sorting shelving to maximise the use of the library area and to ensure the health and safety of users
  • Re-arranging the stock into a logical and user friendly order
  • Classifying books
  • Recommending and / or selecting new books. The number of new books provided is linked to the school’s Exchange Service allowance.

The total number of days of support provided is agreed with the school but the average is two members of ELS staff working for one day in the school.