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Data and Statistics

The Data and Statistics Team

The Data and Statistics Team are passionate about data. We provide end-to-end data services to schools including:

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  • A comprehensive range of performance data and analysis across all key stages
  • Secure school statistics website (corestats) – a data “one-stop-shop”
  • Management of statutory data collections, including robust data checking
  • Guidance, support and training for schools in all data-related areas, including statutory data collections, data maintenance and cleaning, school analysis and support with data interpretation, accountability and methodology
  • Telephone and email support

We provide a range of analysis to primary and secondary schools to help school leaders make sense of performance in their school.

Our data products are designed to provide a deeper level of analysis than that available in Analyse School Performance (ASP) or the Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR), and accompanying guidance ensures schools are able to make the most of their data. Reports are suitable to a range of audiences, and are highly visual, telling you what you need to know fast. All our analysis includes local authority and national comparators where available.

We also include a range of contextual data including population forecasting and deprivation analysis.

Corestats is our secure website containing all your school and pupil performance analyses. You’ll also find your most recent IDSR, and if you have signed up to the Fischer Family Trust (FFT Aspire) Service Level Agreement (SLA), you’ll also be able to access your governor dashboards.

Corestats is provided and maintained by the Data and Statistics Team. It is a single sign on with your existing School Messenger account and allows schools to view individual pupil level analyses alongside school level reports. Your Headteacher can agree access to staff with responsibility for data, pupil tracking and self-evaluation. This can include data managers, assessment coordinators, governors or Assistant and Deputy Heads with data responsibility.

Mult-Academy Trusts (MATs) and Trust Leaders also receive comprehensive analysis outlining performance in key headline measures across their school group. Our analyses are also available to and used by a range of council staff in their support of schools and school effectiveness. 

There is a vast amount of data and analysis available, and it can be hard to know what is important for you and your school. We love data, but we know that not everyone feels the same way we do, and part of our passion is helping others get to grips with their data and understand the difference effective analysis can make.

We provide a range of support for school staff including ASP and IDSR Information and Guidance, local analysis including our Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) Tracking collection, and Fischer Family Trust (FFT Aspire).

Schools who purchase our SLA have access to extensive, easy-to-follow guidance on ASP and the IDSR, alongside a range of guidance accompanying our own analysis.

We also offer a range of face-to-face training options, including:

  • Bespoke 1-1 training sessions
  • Bespoke in-school training and workshops including training for governors
  • Group training covering key areas such as ASP and IDSR, and using locally produced analysis effectively to make the most of your schools data.

To find out more log in to School Messenger and search for 'data and statistics training'. 

The team manages data collections (statutory and optional) on behalf of Cornwall Council, which are validated prior to submission to the Department for Education (DfE), Ofsted and the Standards and Testing Agency (STA).

We provide full support to schools including comprehensive guidance, telephone and email support both before and during the collection, and extensive data checking and validation prior to submission to the DfE which can help schools ensure they receive the correct funding.

These include:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFSP)
  • Key Stage Assessments
  • School Census
  • School Workforce Census

We maintain the quality of data collections through rigorous planning, validation and quality assurance. The volume of these collections relate to approximately 70,000 pupil records termly (three times a year) for the School Census; and up to 0.5 million assessment and examination results across the annual collections; as well as approximately 30,000 pupil records in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, Year 1 and 2 Phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 collections respectively.

We provide support for a range of specialist assessment software and systems used locally and nationally. Ofsted and the DfE have introduced systems such as ASP for monitoring pupil achievement and progress, and this data is used during inspections so understanding what it is telling us is essential in order to challenge or prepare to answer questions.  We support schools and LA officers in using and making the most of these systems, and the support is focused not only on using the system but in the interpretation of the data. Systems for which we provide guidance, training and support include: 

Services provided by the Data and Statistics Team are available to purchase through their Service Level Agreement.  

Data security is our highest priority, and we ensure that we have robust procedures in place to meet regulations and legislation – and that our chosen suppliers do too.

We share data with you with the understanding that by signing up to our SLA, you adhere to the Data Sharing Agreement between the Local Authority and Cornwall's schools.

Contact us

We’re always keen to receive your feedback, so if there is something you want to tell us (or ask us), please get in touch. We are continually developing and designing new analysis, so let us know if there is something you would like to see and we can discuss what is possible.