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Transfer to Secondary School September 2021

Is your child currently in year six at a junior or primary school? If so, you will need to apply for a place in year seven at a secondary school for September 2021. The deadline for applications was 31 October 2020. 

When will I find out which school has been allocated for my child (National Offer Day)?

  • You will be sent an email on 1 March 2021 (if you applied by 31 October 2020).
  • You can also log back in to your Parent Portal account to check your allocation.
  • The emails will be sent during the day - you should receive your email by midday.
  • The email will have a link to a letter telling you your allocation.
  • If you applied using a paper application we will send you a letter confirming your allocation.
  • If you do not receive your email please check your spam folder.  Remember you can also log back in to your Parent Portal account to check your allocation.

What if I have changed my mind?

Have you submitted your application and now want to change your preferred school(s)? If so, you need to let the School Admissions Team know in writing. You should do this by completing the Changing your preference/s form. Please note that if the deadline has passed your changed preference(s) will be processed as a late application. Please see the information booklet below for more information.

Need to make a late application?

You can apply online for a school place using the link below.

Please note that the national deadline for applications (31 October 2020) has now passed. If you are applying now the late application process will be followed - please refer to the booklet below for more information.

All of the information you need to consider when applying and what happens next can be found in the information booklet:

Please read this information before applying for a place. This is to help you to understand how the admissions process works. This includes how places will be allocated. You may also find the links to Frequently Asked Questions and the Admissions Mythbuster useful.

Register with Parent Portal and apply online using the link below. 

Do you live in Cornwall and want to apply for a grammar school in Devon? If so, please note the information below 'Applying for grammar schools in Devon'.

Please note that if you have applied in the past for an older child the system has now changed from Citizen Portal to Parent Portal.  You will need to create a new account with Parent Portal to apply this year.

Make a late application for a secondary transfer place

Applying for grammar schools in Devon

Do you live in Cornwall and want to apply for a grammar school in Devon? If so, information regarding testing is available on the Plymouth City Council website: 

In light of the delay to the testing we strongly recommend the following:

  • you may still put a grammar school as a first and/or second preference
  • you should also list your nearest or designated school as a second and/or third preference.

Please note that the Cornwall application form allows up to three preferences.

Where do I get help?

Parent Portal technical support

If you need technical support for the online applications system please contact the helpline: 01872 322030.

Help completing the application

Do you need any help with:

  • completing the application?
  • understanding the process?
  • other aspects of school admissions?

Is English not your family's first language?

If so, please contact the Family Information Service:

Other enquiries

For all other enquiries please contact the School Admissions Team using the contact details shown on this page.

Special Educational Needs

If your child has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan you do not need to complete an application form. A school place will be identified for them through a separate process. However, you will need to make an application using the normal process if

  • a request has been made for an EHC needs assessment for your child or
  • your child is currently being assessed to decide whether an EHC Plan is necessary

Please contact the Statutory SEN Service for more information:

Fraudulent applications

You could be subject to investigation and may potentially face criminal proceedings if:

  • you make a false statement or
  • you omit any relevant and appropriate information in your application 

Information you supply in your application may be shared, as the law allows, for the purpose of preventing and detecting fraud.

The offer of a school place may be withdrawn if your application is found to be fraudulent. You must notify the Council immediately of any change in your circumstances. Failure to do so or providing false or misleading information may lead to prosecution action being taken against you.

Each year, Cornwall Council undertakes address checks on a random sample of applications. This is to ensure that information submitted by parents/carers is correct. This is done as part of the process of ensuring that school places are allocated fairly. If you are randomly selected you will receive a letter requesting evidence of your current address. Cornwall Council may also request evidence where it is alerted to potential false statements. Any concerns about the validity of the information provided may lead to investigation. Applicants could face criminal proceedings in addition to the withdrawal of the offer of a school place.

Privacy Notice

Please visit the Privacy Notice page for information on how your data will be handled.

How places will be allocated

It is important that you are aware of how applications will be ranked and places allocated at your preferred schools.

Please view the Admission Arrangements page for more details.

Moving to/from Cornwall

Do you currently live outside Cornwall? Do you want to apply for a school place within the County? If so, your application must be made via your home local authority. However, if you have a confirmed address in Cornwall you can apply direct to Cornwall Council. Evidence of your confirmed address can be provided by either:

  • a signed rental agreement or
  • completed proof of purchase

Similarly, if you live in Cornwall and wish to apply for a school in another county, your application must be made via Cornwall Council. This is unless you have evidence of an address elsewhere, as stated above.