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Choosing a School

What does a Choice Advisor do?

  • Offers free impartial information
  • Is independent to the Admissions and Transport Department
  • Helps parents/carers understand the school admissions process
  • Always listens to parents/carers questions and concerns
  • Encourages parents to think carefully about which school to apply to

What can my Choice Advisor help me with?

  • The admissions system
  • Completing the application
  • School policies
  • Information about individual schools e.g. performance tables/ofsted reports
  • Online application forms
  • Which schools have been oversubscribed in previous years
  • Travel details
  • School term dates
  • Times of a school day
  • Access to websites and prospectuses
  • If English is not your first language we can provide a translation service

Where can I find my Choice Advisors?

Choice Advisors in Cornwall can be contacted through the Family Information Service on 0800 587 8191.  Once contacted they will phone you back to make an appointment to meet you at a convenient time and location.

This will be a one to one session so that you can ask the questions and voice any concerns that are important to you.

It is important to think about the school you would like your children to attend. Your child will not automatically go to your local school.  You need to apply.

What do I as a parent/carer need to think about?

  • Which schools are local to where you live?
  • Talk to your child regarding how they feel about these school
  • Attend open evenings - these happen in the Autumn term
  • Look through the school prospectus
  • Don't leave looking for a school to the last minute
  • Don't worry about filling in the form, ask a Choice Advisor for help
  • Make up your own mind about schools - don't be misled by others

The Family Information Service directory is a useful online resource; check out the parent's zone and then the school section.

If you would like to find schools in your area, please use the mapping system on the Department for Education website.

Inspections of Schools

From September 2019, Ofsted are changing the way they inspect schools using their new Education Inspection Framework (EIF).  The new framework sets out how they will inspect:

  • state schools
  • further education and skills providers
  • non-association independent schools
  • registered early years settings

Further information can be found on the Ofsted website.