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Waiting lists

Most schools hold waiting lists for all year groups.

You can only request to go on a waiting list in the following circumstances:

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  • where you have applied for and you were refused a place; and
  • where the school holds a list

Your school place allocation letter will tell you how you can request to go on a list.

Where a school holds a waiting list, the follow terms and conditions apply.  The terms and conditions follow the requirements of the School Admissions Code 2014. 

  • Waiting Lists are based on the school’s oversubscription criteria.  This is the list that is used to decide the order of priority.
  • Children’s places on a waiting list are subject to change.  A child's position may change if
    • extra information is received about applications; or
    • other children are added to the list.
  • No priority is given to the length of time that a child has been on the list.
  • The following children have priority over children on a waiting list:
    • Children in care and those that were previously in care
    • Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan
    • Children allocated to a school under the Fair Access Protocol
    • Children admitted after a successful admission appeal.
  • A child that is at the top of the waiting list will not necessarily be eligible for a place when a child leaves that year group. If the school is already over its admission number then a place will only become available when the year group falls below this number.
  • Parents will need to reapply at the end of the academic year if they still wish their child to be considered for a place.