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Information for Current Transport Claimants

Reporting Problems

Problems should be reported to the Transport Coordination Service at the earliest opportunity.  If there is a problem, please provide as much information as possible. This could include:

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  • Bus Number / Name of Transport Provider
  • Date/Time
  • Full Details of the Incident/Problem

This will help us with any investigations that take place.

There is a collective responsibility for behaviour on school transport between;

  • parents/carers
  • schools
  • transport operators and 
  • Cornwall Council

Each year, all children and young people given the following good practice documents:

Cornwall Council reserves the right to temporarily or permanently withdraw transport if ;
  • there are repeated instances of unacceptable behaviour,
  • or a single incident of extreme unacceptable behaviour

This decision will be made together with the child’s school, however, the final decision rests with the Transport Coordination Service.

If you have moved (or are moving) address and are currently in receipt of transport assistance, please notify the Transport Coordination Service as quickly as possible.  This will ensure that Cornwall Council does not incur unncessary costs.

If you require assistance from your new address, you will need to reapply.

If you lose your travel pass, you do not need to reapply.
Please call 0300 1234 222 to purchase a replacement pass.