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RBUSS Backups

Systems and their data are central to school performance and success.

You use them every day, they must be robustly protected and recoverable in the case of loss, to allow business to continue as normal with minimal impact in the case of any issues.

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We offer a system and data backup service to suit your needs, including your SIMS, your entire network, or a bespoke solution for you.

Our experts set up, manage and monitor this service for you, allowing you to concentrate on your school. Our local team is on hand if issues or queries do arise. 

Our chosen provider, Redstor, are a leading provider of cloud based data protection solutions. Their Capita approved RBUSS (Remote BackUp for Schools Service) is used by over 14,000 educational organisations in the UK to secure and protect digital information from data theft or loss.

RBUSS is specifically designed for schools and offers:

  • Automatic protection for data saved on desktops, laptops, servers and network attached storage devices
  • You set data retention policies and automatic data backup schedules to suit your needs
  • Data is encrypted and sent securely to be stored at two offsite data centres in different locations within the UK
  • In the case of any issues, we will retrieve and configure your backed up data for you