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Senior Locality Special Educational Needs Coordinator

We coordinate services within the EYIS and with other agencies for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). We support and give advice to early years settings about how best to help children with additional needs access the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, but do not work directly with all children. For some children, their additional needs can be well managed by one agency such as a speech and language therapist as well as the setting's own Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). Not all requests for involvement will lead to a child being placed on the SLS' active caselist.

What should I expect from the Senior Locality SENCo when they work directly with my child?

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When your child is at home, at a childminder or a private or voluntary setting:

  • We will observe and assess your child within their early years setting
  • We will support the early years setting in the coordination of services for your child
  • We will provide specific advice to the early years setting to support your child to access the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • We will arrange Early Support if appropriate and attend review meetings
  • We will support your child when they are moving into school
  • We provide leaflets on specific difficulties ie biting, toilet training etc
  • We can help you to access other services

If your child attends a Child Development Centre, a maintained nursery or a nursery class at a school:

We will liaise with staff in your child's setting to ensure appropriate support from the Early Years Inclusion Service.

To request the involvement of the Early Years Inclusion Service please make a request via the Early Help Hub.