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Special Educational Needs Review

Cornwall Council is committed to working with a wide range of partners to ensure that there is sufficient, high quality Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision. Our partners include:

  • young people
  • parents
  • carers and
  • schools
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SEN provision is required to meet the needs of Cornwall’s children and young people with complex educational needs.

Children and young people with complex needs in this context are those who have:

  • a Statement of SEN or
  • an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan that specifies a high level of provision

High quality SEN provision keeps children and young people safe. It enables them to make good or better progress against the outcomes specified in their statements or plans.

The Council undertook an extensive review of SEN provision in Cornwall, working with partners, to establish:

  • the pattern of educational provision required to meet the needs of learners with complex special educational needs, and
  • the development programme to enable provision improvements to be defined, prioritised and implemented

This initial review ran from September 2015 to April 2016 and had a number of distinct phases. More detail about the process can be downloaded.

The following priorities emerged from the review and form the basis of our implementation plan.

  1. Mainstream schools and settings
  2. Specialist provision in Cornwall
  3. Social Emotional and Mental Health and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  4. Evaluation of effectiveness

Our Where are we now?  page provides information about the current developments of the SEN Provision Review priorities. 

The priorities to develop aspects of special education provision for young people with complex needs are captured in Cornwall’s SEND Strategy that is updated every year.  The multi-agency SEND Board agrees the actions to be taken. The board monitors what is happening, as well as providing support and challenge to ensure that progress is maintained.