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The Graduated Response

A Graduated Response to Special Educational Needs

When a pupil is identified as having Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools must put effective provision in place. They must ensure that all barriers to learning are removed.

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Most pupils with SEN in mainstream schools are provided for at SEN Support. This is the support that schools provide for pupils who have identified SEN, but do not meet the criteria for an Education, Health and Care assessment.

The law requires the Local Authority to set out what it expects educational settings to offer pupils with SEN at SEN Support. This is called the Graduated Response.

The Graduated Response ensures that early years settings, schools and colleges: 

  • Take immediate action when a pupil is identified as having Special Educational Needs (SEN). 
  • Informs the pupil's family as soon as the pupil's SEN is identified. 
  • Works in partnership with the pupil, their parents and carers, including them in decision making.
  • Removes all barriers to learning by putting effective support for the pupil in place.
  • Reviews the support put in place for children and young people with SEN at least termly. 
  • Involves the child or young person, their parents and carers in reviews.
  • Gains advice from specialist professionals if necessary.
  • Uses Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycles to inform changes to a child or young person's SEN support.

The guidance documents below set out the minimum standards for pupils with SEN across Cornwall. The aim of these documents is to inform inclusive, enabling and consistent practice across Cornwall’s schools.

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