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Be a responsible dog owner campaign

Cornwall Council encourage dog owners to:

  • clean up after their dog
  • be responsible and
  • think about the impact their lack of action and lack of consideration has on the wider community
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Children from primary schools across Cornwall have forcibly put across their point in a short film called Another Fine Mess. They state that letting your dog foul and not cleaning up after it is not acceptable to them, their friends or their families.

The children aged 4 to 11 come from schools in St Austell, Newquay and Wadebridge. They explain in the film, as only children can, their experiences and what they think about those who let their dog foul and not clean up after it.

Cornwall Council’s Dog Wardens have shown the film at schools throughout Cornwall. This is to raise awareness of the issue with children and through them, their parents.  

We have taken hard hitting posters asking dog owners to ‘scoop the poop’ to vet surgeries and pet food suppliers.

Cornwall Council is encouraging others to take a proactive role in tackling the issue of dog fouling. We provide training to other officers to issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and littering offences. Our Public Health and Protection service is the only Local Authority Department in the country approved by DEFRA to provide this training.  We have also set up a programme of engaging with local town and parish council’s in Cornwall. This will enable them to authorise and approve their employees to issue Fixed Penalty Notices.

This will increase the number of people in our communities who are able to address these anti-social behaviour issues. What we really want is for dog owners themselves to be responsible for their pets and their actions. This will help maintain the environment and also reduce the risks of diseases associated with dog poo.

For more information please contact the Dog Welfare and Enforcement team.