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Dogs in Open Public Spaces

Dogs on Leads by Direction - Parks and Open Spaces Exclusions

Cornwall Council has introduced a Dogs on Leads by Direction Order which means that should your dog be causing a nuisance in an area that the public are entitled to be in, an authorised officer can direct you to put the dog on a lead and keep it on a lead for a specified period of time or until you leave that area. 

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Failure to comply with this is an offence and as such is liable to either a fixed penalty for £100 or a prosecution where you would face a maximum of £1000 fine. Details of Cornwall Council's Dogs on Leads Order 2017 can be found by selecting the link below. Also below is a copy of Cornwall Council's Dog Exclusion Order 2017.

If you would like more information on the above, please contact us using the contact details shown on this page.