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Our action plan

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On 22 January 2019 Cornwall Council declared a climate emergency. The council committed to preparing a report within 6 months. This would outline how to reduce carbon emissions and work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030. As part of the process we spoke to thousands of residents across Cornwall. On 24 July 2019 the Cabinet unanimously approved the ambitious plan.

You can Download the full Climate Change Action Plan (63 pages) and read more about what the Council is doing

"As we have outlined, it will not be easy, 2030 will be extremely challenging and may well prove impossible; but that does not mean that we should back away from the challenge or ambition to start this journey now, being passive and waiting for others. If other parts of the world chose not to act, that is not a consideration that should define what we do. We are going to lead." 
Edwina Hannaford, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods and Climate Change

Greenprint for a cleaner, greener and fairer Cornwall

Our response to the climate emergency is an ongoing conversation. This is with organisations and individuals in Cornwall and beyond. We are continuing to engage and learn as new challenges and new opportunities arise.

The Carbon Neutral Cornwall Action Plan explains our vision for how Cornwall can become carbon neutral. We have made a good start and now we need everyone to get involved.

We want everyone to shape Cornwall's vision for reaching carbon neutrality.

If we all make small changes to how we move, shop, eat, think and live, together we can make practical changes on a huge scale.

Please take a look at the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Call to Action. You can get involved in the conversations that are going to shape Cornwall's Carbon Neutral 'greenprint' and put it into action.

Help shape the greenprint for a cleaner, greener and fairer Cornwall


Three Carbon Neutral Cornwall priority projects

Our plans provide an outline roadmap for carbon neutrality a full twenty years ahead of the Government's target of 2050 including:

Forest for cornwall homepage icon

A Forest for Cornwall - 8,000 hectares (about 2% of Cornwall's land mass) of trees and hedges to absorb carbon and provide new outdoor spaces. The project will also strength the protection of our existing trees, woodlands and hedges.

How We Live For Web

The Whole House Retrofit Project to make energy efficiency improvements to existing Council owned housing. This will help reduce the cost of energy bills, make homes easier to warm and significantly reduce the properties emissions.

Action Plan For WebThe creation of a new planning document - the Climate Emergency Development Planning Document (DPD) - This will help us plan positively for measures to address and mitigate climate change and strengthen policies of the Cornwall Local Plan. The next phase of the Climate Emergency DPD consultation is now underway.

More information 

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