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Decision-making wheel

We are working to become a carbon neutral council and combat climate change, making changes to how we work to reduce the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions that we produce.

We also have a duty to consider social justice and make sure that Cornwall’s residents are not worse off. In looking after the environment, we need to make sure that we do not disadvantage anyone. We have introduced a new tool to help us make decisions that combat climate change and do not disadvantage the people of Cornwall.

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The new tool, our decision-making wheel, is based on the Kate Raworth Doughnut Economics model

The wheel helps to show us how projects and decisions will affect the environment and people. If the wheel shows that the project will have a bad effect on the climate or people, we can redesign it.

We are already using the wheel for all Cabinet decisions. We will be using it for other Council decisions soon. We will be using the wheel to make decisions that place people and the climate at the heart of everything we do.

We are also using the wheel to help us combat climate change.

The wheel has two parts: The inner wheel focusses on social and economic issues like wealth and homes. The outer wheel focusses on environmental issues like greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity.

The decision wheel for the Saints Trail which is a new set of walking and cycling routes. It shows how the new routes could disturb wildlife habitat and increase the risk of crime. It also shows the benefits of the new routes to people’s health and the environment.

View the decision-making wheel Saints Trail example as a pdf

Completed wheels, like the one above, are used in reports to explain the effect of a project to help our Cabinet Members when making decisions.

The decision-making wheel is introducing a new way of thinking for the Council. It is helping us to connect how we live, and how we can use money better for us and the environment.

By looking at a set of completed wheels we can see how we are changing and improving the services we provide. The completed wheels also let us know how close the Council is to becoming a carbon neutral council.