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Be kind to our planet

Friday the thirteenth this November is also World Kindness Day and
a great day to think about being kind to our planet.

In superstition Friday the thirteenth is thought as being unlucky and this year we need certainly to turn our luck around. Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change, is hoping everyone will take a moment on World Kindness Day to think about how they can make a difference to help our planet while being kind to each other as well.

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Cllr Edwina Hannaford says: “Our planet is kind to us in so many ways, from providing the air we breathe, the water we drink and the wonderful environment and biodiversity that makes our lives so special. We know that our planet is in trouble and we have a plan to help it. We hope that everyone in Cornwall will join us not just today but everyday in thinking about how we can make the difference in My world for Our planet.”

Share your kindness

Visit the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive and share how you are being kind to our planet today and every day

Edwina continues: “Since the Council declared a Climate Emergency in January 2019, we have been working hard to turn things around to help address Climate Change. We have launched the Forest for Cornwall, progressed a Climate Emergency Development Planning Document, and invested in Cornwall’s first smart-grid wind turbine; We are exploring deep geothermal heat, piloting a Whole House Retrofit Project, and generating biogas from slurry methane on six of our farms. We are also using the biogas in a CORMAC maintenance vehicle and a road surfacing hot box. On top of all this we have made Crowdfund Cornwall Climate Emergency Funds available to help support low carbon initiatives right across Cornwall.

“Tackling Climate Change is at the forefront of how the Council works and in many of the schemes and services that we are providing as well. Our schools are supporting Cornwall’s young people to understand the issues and the solutions with Eco-Conferences and low carbon projects. Our reduced bus fares scheme is helping to reduce Cornwall’s carbon footprint and making it cheaper for people to travel by public transport. Our state-of-the-art new fire engines have clean engine technology for reduced emissions. And the Langarth Garden Village development plans have a pioneering new renewable energy centre that will provide low cost green power for the residents of the new houses, along with 12 acres of woodland as part of the Forest for Cornwall.

“As well as our businesses and commercial industries, everyone in Cornwall, has a part to play in helping Cornwall become carbon neutral. We would love to hear about how everyone including Cornwall’s businesses are being kind to our planet. Visit the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive and share how you are being kind to our planet today and every day. I am really looking forward to reading about all the different ways - big and small - everyone is playing their part; and hope we can inspire more people to make a difference themselves.”

If you are looking for inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration on how you can be kind to our planet visit:

Edwina added: “I know these are difficult times for us all and that some people are ill with Covid19 or taking care of people who have the virus. Cornwall is full of wonderfully kind people and I really hope that we still have plenty of kindness to go around for our planet as well.”

Cornwall’s Carbon Neutral Call to Action sets out the changes we all have to make for Cornwall to become carbon neutral by 2030. The Council is working towards becoming a Carbon Neutral Council and is offering all staff and elected Members carbon literacy training to help them in striving towards low carbon thinking, working and living. The Council’s Decision Wheel is being used to make sure that our decisions take into account the social, economic and environmental impacts of Council key decisions and projects.

The Cornwall Leadership Board has published the draft ‘Cornwall Plan 2030 – 2050’ a vision for the Cornwall we want for future generations, and how ‘Together we can’ create sustainable ways of living that enable people and planet to thrive.

Read a full list of the low carbon and carbon neutral and environmental schemes the Council has introduced.

More information about the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Action Plan is available on the Council’s website