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Cornwall's Carbon Footprint

What is Cornwall's carbon impact?

Cornwall carbon footprint graphic showing our current output

Cornwall's current carbon footprint is 4.1 million tonnes Co2e (2016 data year). Compared to what is believed to be safe levels of carbon dioxide for everyone in the world by 2050, this is almost seven times where Cornwall needs to be.

Since the last Greenhouse gas inventory produced in 2011 (2008 data year), Cornwall's footprint has reduced by around 19%.

This is a good start, but it is a reduction of around 2% a year and we need to be closer to 10% every year if we are to reach our targets.

This is why it is vital that all businesses, communities and the Council, work together to find a way that we can all individually and collectively reduce consumption and lower our carbon emissions.

Our calculations have taken into account the impact of the seasonal influx of tourists which account for around 13% of our total emissions.

View and download Cornwall's Greenhouse Gas Inventory report 2008-2017