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Cornwall's Landscape

Think Cornwall, think landscape

Landscape is about the relationship between people and place. It is the setting for our lives. It can mean a patch of local green space as much as a mountain range.

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The Cornish landscape is stunning, diverse, unique and has

  • economic value providing the setting for economic activity and often becoming a central factor in attracting business and tourism, the landscape is Cornwall's greatest single economic asset
  • social and community value as an important part of people's lives, contributing to our sense of identity and well-being, and bringing enjoyment and inspiration
  • environmental value as a home for wildlife and a cultural record of society's use of the land

It is crucial that we understand what makes up the character of the landscape, so when we consider how it might change so that any change is for the better.

These landscape pages will be regularly updated with new information to give you to a greater understanding of what makes the Cornish landscape so special, and how we can keep the character and local distinctiveness we all appreciate so much.