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Cornwall Landscape Character Assessment Best Practice Guidance 2011

All landscapes are important, but for different reasons, to different people

This Guidance was written to explain the importance of keeping the diverse character of the Cornish landscape, whilst positively planning for future development.

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It allows an interpretation of the local environment and the wider landscape, to successfully manage development, and provides a framework for future planning and management policies.

Cornwall's landscape is it's greatest finite economic asset, important to local communities, Cornish businesses and is the primary attraction for the thousands of visitors each year.

The Guidance clearly explains how the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Landscape Character Study 2005-2007 has created 40 separate Landscape Character Areas each with its own description, to highlight the elements of the local landscape character which create the Cornish ‘sense of place’.

The Cornwall Landscape Assessment 2007 is also a ‘live’ evidence based resource available on our landscape character assessment pages.

Looking through this document you will gain an understanding of what landscape character assessment is all about, and how through the careful siting of new development the unique Cornish character can be conserved and wherever possible enhanced.

The photographs throughout the document illustrate the text, showing the diversity of elements, ecological, historic, and cultural which make up local landscape character.

There are two ways you can down load the guidance, as one complete lower resolution document, or as separate low resolution sections depending upon your area of interest (loading separate parts reduces download time).

Cornwall landscape character best practice guide (full document)