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Judging Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity – A Development Management Toolkit

Landscape is about the relationship between people and place.

Cornwall’s landscape is not only unique and diverse, but also a major economic asset attracting business and tourism. It has social and community value, contributes to our sense of identity and well-being, is a home for wildlife, and a cultural record of society's use of the land.

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It is crucial that we understand what makes up the character of the landscape so when we consider how it might change, that change is for the better. Through landscape character assessment we can gain an understanding of what elements of the character are important and have value to help in the decision making process.


The Judging Landscape Capacity Development Management toolkit can be used to positively guide change and support decision making. If, through this process, it is shown that a landscape has a low capacity to accommodate a certain kind of development, the landscape character information enables informed decisions to be made on changes in design at the pre-application stage or for conditions to be set at the recommendation stage.