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Membership Information

Regulations require that a balance is achieved between the number of Members representing the two main interests – users of the rights of access and rights of way, and owners or occupiers of access land or land crossed by rights of way. They also encourage the representation of other interests especially relevant to the local area, such as tourism, sport and recreation, health, outdoor education and local business interests.

The appointment of Members initially for a mixture of one, two and three years has allowed for the staggered replacement of Members over time, so providing continuity to the Forum. Regulations dictate that appointments can only be made for between one and three years but Members are eligible for reappointment. New appointments would normally be made for three years to provide some continuity but where vacancies arise appointments may be made for either one or two years to maintain the balance.

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The lower and upper limits to the size of the Forum (10 and 22) are again set out in the Regulations. In seeking to maintain a total of 20 Members to the Cornwall Countryside Access Forum, Cornwall Council is looking to balance an optimum and effective working size with a broad representation of the many and varied interests.

The Regulations restrict the number of Members of a council or a national park authority who may be appointed to a forum in any part of that authority's area. Three members of Cornwall Council are appointed to the Forum.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Forum are elected at each Annual Meeting, to serve for one year. There is no restriction upon the number of years these offices are held, providing that the Member remains appointed to the Forum.

Members will be sought who can bring a wide range of experience, including that of:

  • general recreational use, e.g. walking, riding, cycling, limited mobility access;
  • land management, e.g. farming, forestry, common land management;
  • land ownership, e.g. landowners, occupiers and tenants; and
  • wildlife conversation, cultural heritage conservation, tourism, sport and active recreational pursuits (such as climbing, fishing), health, outdoor education, the military and local business interests.

Guidance from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs encourages authorities to take account of the need of young people, women, and people on low incomes, and to seek representation from people with disabilities. Applications from individuals who have appropriate experience of meeting the needs of under represented areas of the community would be particularly welcomed.

Secretarial support to the Forum is provided by Cornwall Council through electronic communications to its Members. Members would find it useful to have access to email and the internet, although this is not a requirement at this time.

For more information please contact the Secretary's representative, Lynne Beardsmore, on 01579 341243 or by email:

Countryside Access Forum