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Review of historic flooding in Launceston

  • October 1903, it was reported from Polapit Tamar in Launceston that it was "gloomy and extraordinarily wet. Much damage was caused on the 28th by the highest flood remembered".
  • In 1911 heavy rain caused serious floods.
  • In 1954 Riverside and Westbridge Road suffered flooding from the River Kensey.  The Kensey Valley was described as a "Brown Sea" with flooding to fields. Many transport routes around Launceston were flooded. The Launceston to Bude and Launceston to Holsworthy road were flooded.
  • Newport in 1963 saw transport routes and a number of properties affected by flood waters when the River Kensey overtopped its banks.
  • In 1979 in the Newport area in St. Thomas Road (A388) 20 Properties and the road were affected to a typical depth of 0.5m.  This was when the River Kensey overtopped its banks. The Wooda Stream also flooded the dismantled railway line and flowed through Newport Industrial Estate.
  • In 1982 flooding was reported at Kensey Place due to excess road runoff.
  • In 1990 the grounds of 3 properties at Western Meadows, New Mills were flooded from the River Kensey. In 1996 roads and property flooded in the Lawhitton area.  This was due to inadequate road drainage.  In 1997 the White Hart Arcade/Pets on Parade were flooded when a surface water drain overflowed following heavy rainfall. In 1999 three properties at Alder Park, New Mills, flooded. The assumed cause was surface water flooding.  Heavy rainfall also caused the River Kensey to overtop affecting Ridgegrove Hill.
  • In 2000 there was flooding at Polson Bridge following heavy rainfall.  A number of properties, including Kensey Vale Bowling Club were also flooded.  This was due to the River Kensey breaking its banks. In 2002 roads were closed to traffic due to flooding.  Lowley Brook flooded across the road bridge, threatening a property during extreme rainfall. In 2006 one person was trapped in a car when Polson Bridge flooded following heavy rainfall. In 2008 in the North Hill area, a car became stuck in flood water.  Tree people were rescued by fire crews.
  • 2010 report refers to the River Kensy breaking out of bank and causing drains to back up, 
  • In 2012 the River Kensey came out of bank below the bowling green by St Thomas' Bridge.  It also flooded agricultural land at New Mills. At Ham Mill Bridge. River Ottery out of bank both up and down stream of Ham Mill Bridge flooding agricultural land and the road to the south of the bridge.  Then in 2013 the River Kensey broke out of bank and onto Riverside Road. Drainage had backed up along Westbridge Road behind the defences.