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Report a flood

If life is at risk, call 999 - view our information on dialling 999 in an emergency

To report flooding on trunk roads (A30 and A38) and motorways please call Highways England on 0300 123 5000.

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To report flooding on all other roads in Cornwall or an issue with highway drainage please refer to the Drainage and Flooding on the Highway page.

For advice on what to do in the event of a flood or if you are at risk of flooding please refer to the Flood Advice page.

In order to complete our flood investigation reports and enable us to effectively prioritise our action plans, we need to understand which areas have been affected by flooding. You can help by reporting current, recent or historic flood incidents on the Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT). If you are reporting an incident where a) five or more properties have flooded internally or b) at least one property has flooded internally that has also flooded internally within the last five years, a Section 19 Flood Investigation Report will need to be published by Cornwall Council.

N.B. Do not use the FORT link below to report an emergency situation or to alert us to current flooding requiring an immediate response.

Report a flood incident on the FORT portal

Additional emergency contacts and information is available on the Cornwall Community Flood Forum website.