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Health and Safety Complaints

All complaints relating to conditions or working practices within premises within the Council’s jurisdiction will be investigated.

If you have any concerns about health and safety in a particular premises or concerned about conditions or working practices please contact us using the details shown on this page..

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There are wide range of complaints that the council will investigate. If you have any concerns about the health and safety practices in a particular premises or you are being ask to undertake an activity where you feel your own personal health and safety could be compromised then please contact us.

The depth of investigation and method will vary dependant upon the circumstances of each complaint. Where the circumstances are perceived to present a significant risk to the health and safety of employees or the public or where such complainants meet strategic and/or local aims a personal visit and investigation may be appropriate. In other circumstances investigation solely by correspondence or telephone enquiries in combination with written confirmation may be carried out.

We will always try to keep your details confidential. On some occasions it may be necessary to disclose them but we will always check with you first.  Sometimes the person concerned may guess who has made the complaint.