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Summer Safety Road Show Tips

Here are some simple Summer Safety tips as covered at our recent Summer Safe Road Shows to help you stay safe this summer.

Food Safety

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Cases of food poisoning double in the summer so here are a few tips to help you barbeque safely;

  • Make sure the charcoal on your barbeque is white hot before you start cooking
  • Defrost frozen meats and poultry fully before cooking
  • Don’t prepare salads too far in advance unless you can refrigerate them
  • If possible pre-cook poultry in the microwave or oven and take to the BBQ to finish off
  • Keep raw and cooked food apart don’t handle cooked foods with utensils that have touched raw meats
  • Don’t add sauce or marinade to cooked food if it has already been used with raw meat
  • Just because the outside of the food on a barbeque is burnt doesn’t always mean its cooked on the inside, check that the thickest part of the meat is cooked (no pink meat), its hot right through and that all juices run clear.

Sun Safety

Download the ‘Be Sunsafe’ app on your smart phone and stay safe in the sun in Cornwall

Over 2 young adults aged 15-34 are diagnosed with malignant melanoma daily and its the second most common cancer in this age group, check your skin regularly, look for changes in shape/size and colour this is especially important for people with fair skin, lots of moles, freckles or have a family history of skin cancer.

Sunburn can double your risk of cancer, keep an eye on your skin.

Use a good sun cream factor 15+ (SFP 30+ for children and fair skins) and drink plenty of water

The sun is at its hottest from 11am – 3pm, so keep your skin protected by covering up, spend some time in the shade and use at least SPF 15 on exposed skin.

The most common site for men to develop malignant melanoma is in the chest or back, and for women it is on the legs!

Beach Stream Safety

To avoid illness don’t rinse utensils or cups in stream water before use and always wash hands before eating

Please clean up after your dogs on beaches this summer and dispose in the dog bins provided.

Be aware that playing in beach streams carries a risk of illness, always wash hands before eating and never drink stream water

Pet Safety

Don’t leave your dog alone in a car, when its 22’C/72’F outside the temperature inside the car can soar to 47’C/117’F within 60 mins

In warm weather dogs can suffer from heat stroke too, for more information visit the RSPCA website.

Fire Safety

Carbon Monoxide from a badly adjusted camping light or stove can kill, make sure they are clean and correctly adjusted

Disposable/portable BBQs can produce lethal levels of carbon monoxide when used in an enclosed space like a tent or caravan even when cold to carry or touch

Ensure your barbeque is on a steady level surface, away from plants and trees

In Case of Emergency

Enter an ICE number in your phone it stands for ‘In Case Of Emergency’ so that the emergency services know who to contact