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Alternatives to Pesticides

Pesticides are chemical compounds used to kill pests, including insects, rodents, fungi and plants.

While some people might find these pesticides to be cheap, effective, and easy to apply, they are known to have impacts on the environment, biodiversity, and human health.

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In response to concerns about the impacts on pollinators and human health, Cornwall Council encourages local authorities to use alternatives to pesticides to control unwanted vegetation. 

By using a combination of weed control techniques, local authorities can tailor their approach according to asset type, environmental conditions, resources and community engagement. This is known as Integrated Weed Management.

As part of delivering Environmental Growth and Cornwall’s Pollinator Action Plan, over 80 people joined our ‘Alternatives to Pesticides demonstration’ event at Treverbyn Community Hall on July 11th 2019. 

Sponsored by Tevi, the aim of the event was to increase awareness about the impacts of pesticides, and the ways in which local authorities and businesses can reduce herbicide use in the public realm.

Resources and information that you might find useful:

You can also take a look at some of the pesticide alternatives that are available, which were demonstrated at the event: