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Our ambition

What is our ambition for Cornwall?

Everyone has something to give, but the golden opportunity for us all is to coordinate our efforts and work together around clearly defined outcomes. And that’s why we have created Cornwall’s Environmental Growth Strategy 2015-2065.

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This 50-year strategy is built on the foundation that a sustainable quality of life in Cornwall (growing our economy and making Cornwall a better place to be) is in fact reliant upon a healthy, high-quality and productive natural environment.


The strategy sets out four ambitions to strive towards:

Experiencing Cornwall 



Understanding Cornwall 



Valuing Cornwall 



Achieving Environmental Growth 



This diagram shows the association between the above ambitions and how they are connected to result in Environmental Growth in Cornwall. 

View ambitions and target outcomes diagram. 


For more information, please download Cornwall’s Environmental Growth strategy

This ‘Grow Nature’ website is the beginning of our journey to translate the strategy into a practical toolkit to help inspire and encourage the ‘whole’ community (businesses, communities and individuals) to make positive change.

Whether you are someone wanting to make a small change in your neighbourhood or an environmental practitioner wanting a robust process to guide your environmental change project, you will hopefully find this website both useful and insightful.

We encourage you to use and contribute to this toolkit so that we can increase the amount and quality of environment goods, services and experiences in Cornwall, for the benefit of everyone. This might include ideas on food, fuel, clear air and water, soil formation and waste disposal to name a few. We know that some methods and examples are appropriate to specific situations, environments and sectors. One size does NOT fit all, but whatever your interest, whatever your starting point, please join us in making Environmental Growth in Cornwall a reality and taking us one step closer towards a happier, healthier place for all.