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Why do we need Environmental Growth in Cornwall?

The environment forms the basis of our economy.  This is particularly true for Cornwall as we depend on tourism, fishing and farming.  The environment is also the foundation of a healthy, prosperous society. Research shows that nature helps people recover more quickly from illness, have better mental health and be happier.

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“As our environment grows our economy and society grows too and prospers”

Nature does a lot for us, for example:

  • Tourism brings in £1.85 billion to the Cornish economy annually which is 13% of Cornwall’s GVA and 1 in 5 jobs.
  • Agriculture, forestry & fishing support over 12,000 jobs in Cornwall.
  • Crops contribute £53 million to Cornwall’s economy.

I understand why the environment is important, but why do we need to ‘grow’ it?

Unfortunately, Cornwall’s environment has been in decline for some time.  You might have noticed there are fewer bees around and less birds visit your garden; perhaps the wild places you treasured as a child no longer exist?  


In 2009 sea level at Newlyn had risen by 199mm from 1920

Only about 10% woodland cover, less than the UK average

Cornwall now has 360 species and 43 habitats on our biodiversity Action Plan lists because of their rarity or rapid decline.

More facts and figures can be found in our Environmental Growth Strategy

Just protecting what we have left is not enough, we need to reverse the decline so that the environment can continue to supply us with clean air, clean water, food, and other resources and services, including wonderful outdoor experiences.