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The Grow Nature Seed Fund

Helping communities in Cornwall grow their environment

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From the seed of an idea, nature can grow

Do you have an idea for an environmental growth project? The purpose of the Grow Nature Seed Fund is to catalyse local projects that contribute to the delivery of Environmental Growth, as set out in the ambitious Cornwall Environmental Growth Strategy 2015-2065.

Over the next months, we are encouraging applicants to branch out and make a simple application for the Grow Nature Seed Fund to support local tree and hedgerow planting on public land.

If you have a particular soft spot for trees, then Branch Out might just be what you need to turn your passion into reality. We are boosting the funds available to £1000 in order to encourage even more ambitious projects aimed at increasing tree cover in Cornwall.

Funded projects must deliver a clear and demonstrable benefit to the natural environment. 

Here are some examples:

  • Conversion or restoration of community greenspace to wildlife habitat: community orchards, ponds, wildflower meadows/verges, native hedges, street trees or woodlands
  • Environmental improvements to a community centre or village hall grounds: installation of bee bricks, bug hotels, swift boxes, nest boxes, tree planting
  • Coastal and marine projects: no anchor zones, initiatives to reduce single use plastics 
  • Local wildlife training and monitoring schemes
  • Schemes to reduce invasive species, litter, noise or light pollution in the environment, including coastal areas and on the water
  • Environmental aspects of a heritage restoration scheme
  • Initiatives to help local people to connect with their environment.
  • Activities which encourage people to grow nature and increase the public understanding and enjoyment of wildlife and heritage

Priority will be given to schemes which result in tangible examples of environmental growth, for example new habitats or an increase in the health of native wildlife.

Any locally constituted and recognised ‘not for profit’ organisation which seeks to serve the people of Cornwall could be eligible to apply. 

To start your Crowdfunding project and apply for the Grow Nature Seed Fund please go to: to get started.

We have a flyer that you can download, print and share.

If you have any other questions about the Seed Fund, feel free to contact us.

There are other funding opportunities available for communities wishing to undertake projects in specific areas, which we have listed here:

Tevi business support fund

Tevi is the unique business support programme for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly that builds businesses and enhances the natural environment. 

Tevi’s business support fund aims to provide financial support for new-to-business products or services, resource efficiency improvements in existing operations, products or services, as well as environmental growth projects.

The grant provides up to 80% of a project’s cost, for projects between £1,000 and £10,000.  Email to find out more.

Tree planting with the Woodland Trust

SUEZ Communities Trust

The SUEZ Communities Trust aims to support community and environmental improvement projects through the Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

A suitable funding zone is defined as being anywhere within a three mile radius of a qualifying SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK waste processing location.

 Find out more about the SUEZ Communities Trust

St. Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust

The St. Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust has the responsibility of distributing the funds associated with the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC).

Funded by both Cornwall Council and Suez(Sita UK), the Trust receives £200,000 a year during the construction period and around £100,000 per year during the operational life of the CERC.

The St. Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust aims to support projects and individuals who live in the area of benefit.

Find out more about the St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust

Biffa Award

Biffa Award projects make up an eclectic community across the country, with funding provided through its Main Grants Scheme as part of the Landfill Communities Fund to projects near Landfill sites.

Under this scheme, Biffa Award provides funding to community projects that fit into four different themes: Rebuilding Biodiversity, Community Buildings, Cultural Facilities & Recreation. 

To be eligible for funding that could get you between £10,000 - £75,000, your project must work towards one of these themes.

Find out more about the Biffa Award

Viridor Credits 

Environmental Company

Viridor Credits Environmental Company is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which provides funding for community, heritage and biodiversity projects around the UK through the Landfill Communities Fund and Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

Viridor Credits will be accepting applications in Cornwall and Dorset up to £20,000 for Community, Heritage, or Biodiversity projects.

Find out more about the Viridor Credits

Pennon Environment Fund

The Pennon Environment Fund can fund up to £20,000 to projects with a focus on community, environment or the repair of historic buildings.

It’s a charitable fund operating on a special agreement between Viridor Credits and Pennon. This enables them to distribute ‘Landfill Community Fund’ funding within South West Water’s area (outside of the usual Viridor Credits areas), subject to strict project eligibility criteria.

If you have any projects in your community that you think may be eligible for support through PEF, please contact Sophie O’Callaghan, Fund Manager on 01392 443757.

Find out more about the Pennon Environment Fund