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Property and street naming and numbering

In light of the current Covid 19 Pandemic we are unfortunately unable to accept any street naming and numbering applications by post.
Please can all applications be emailed to or if you are unable to complete the application form online please call 01872 327667 and a member of the Address Management Team will assist you with your application.

Cornwall Council as the governing authority, has a statutory duty to name streets and number properties as well as offering a property naming consultation and notification service.

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These webpages provide advice and guidance to help you register new addresses and change existing Addresses

To change or register an address is done by way of an application form, a detailed plan the appropriate fee and in certain cases supporting documentation and/or permissions.

Once we receive your completed application the process takes between 5 and 10 working days to process.

When submitting an application, the following services will be notified as part of the process The Royal Mail, The Land Registry, The Valuation Office, The Emergency Services, The NHS, The Electoral Roll and the Councils Internal and External Services like Refuse and Recycling and Council Tax etc.

Certain services (including certain Council Services) MAY charge a fee to update their records, Cornwall Council and the Address Management Team are not responsible for covering these possible costs.

Change address

How to apply to add or change a name for a residence or business on an existing address.

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New addres new street

How to apply to add new streets and with new residential or business addresses

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House being built

How to apply to add a new residential or business address to an existing street.

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Street sign

Report a missing street nameplate.

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Maga logoRequest a Cornish translation for a street name

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Street name policy

Advice on creating a new address or altering registered addresses

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