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Register new addresses and new streets

This page gives advice on registering a new address(es)

  • New (single/multiple) residential dwelling(s) on a new street(s)
  • New (single/multiple) commercial address(es) on a new street(s)

New Streets

  • We encourage street names in Kernewek in line with the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages (Section 2) which was ratified for Kernewek by the UK Government in 2002.
  • Once you have chosen names, you are required to liaise with the local Town/Parish Council and seek their agreement before applying to Cornwall Council (evidence of the Town/Parish Council response needs to be provided as part of your application).
  • Cornwall Council will normally object to the use of a name which relates directly to any personal/family name of any individuals who are either living or dead. There are exceptional circumstances where you can, please contact the Address Management Team to discuss.

House Names and Numbers

  • Avoid names that have already been used within the local area and/or try to avoid the same names but with a different suffix i.e. naming a house CHAPEL HOUSE which sits next door to CHAPEL COTTAGE and THE CHAPEL.
  • Do not use offensive, racist, rude, anagrams or numeric names.  
  • Cornwall Council encourages the use of Cornish and/or the local history/heritage when choosing a name.

For further information please refer to Cornwall Councils Street Naming and Numbering Policy and Guidance Notes.