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Clijah Croft Playing Fields

This facility in Redruth provides;

  •  5 football pitches,
  • changing rooms
  • and access for informal recreation.
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It is Cornwall Council’s largest public playing field.

In October 2019 works commenced to make them safe. Historic mining activity meant that some areas contained settlement.

The 6.5Ha Clijah Croft Playing Fields in Redruth contains 5 football pitches. Two have been unusable since the discovery of suspicious areas of settlement in 2018.

Work on the two unusable pitches involves;

  • stripping back earth to a 500mm depth
  • laying a reinforcement grid 

The soil drainage quality will be improved in the process.

In other parts of the site where these fixes are not possible new woodland will be created within fenced enclosures. This will not only have ground stabilisation, visual and wildlife benefits, but it also contributes to the Forest for Cornwall target.

Please see the plan for more details on the current phase 1 works which are being managed by Cormac Solutions Ltd.

Cornwall Council have made it a priority to conserve the facility for future generations. It is recognised that the sport & recreation benefits are vital to the health and well-being of our communities.

The current phase 1 scheme  will not affect the two match pitches nearest to the car park and the changing facility.

  • public right of way through the uppermost field (field 3) will remain
  • it has been necessary to fence off parts along the boundary due to the location & significance of the mine features. This has affected unofficial access for 2 or 3 properties on Bucketts Hill
  • access remains along the public track from Buckets Hill. (it might be possible for these residents to work with their neighbours to facilitate an alternative route along the top of the bank)

Please note ; Cormac may need to restrict access to some areas of the site during the work. We thank you in advance for understanding that this is for a temporary period only. 

The playing fields are located within an intensely mined area. Predominantly it comprises the principal mine sites of Wheal Wentworth and Clijah Croft Mine. By the end of the 19th Century it was being worked as Perseverance Mine. By the 1960’s one sports pitch had been constructed near the southeast corner. Sometime later the site was used for landfill and then entirely re-developed into the three fields on different levels.