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Allocation of Section 106 contributions to open spaces

Where it is determined that on site open space is not appropriate or it is acceptable for there to be less open space on site than planning policies dictate there should be, it is appropriate to request from developers a financial contribution (a planning obligation) to meet these needs outside of the development. These contributions can be towards the cost of purchasing or converting land, improving existing facilities, meeting increased maintenance costs, provision and the like of amenity facilities, whether open space or otherwise, in the vicinity of the site that generates the contribution.  

Beaconsfield, St Agnes successful application in 2013

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The contributions are secured by way of a Section 106 agreement, and the Council is responsible not only to ensure that it receives the contribution, but to ensure it is used appropriately.

They must ensure that the community benefits of Section 106 contributions for open space are maximised. Therefore it is essential that applications are properly consulted on, developed and have the support of local interested parties.

Where it is known that a section 106 contribution for open space amenity has already been received by Cornwall Council, the following funding application form may be submitted.

Please read the supporting advice before completing an application.