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Further information for development

In 2014 Cornwall Council adopted the Open Space Strategy for Larger Towns in Cornwall as interim planning guidance pending adoption of the Cornwall Local Plan, when it will follow the process to become a Supplementary Planning Document. A new guidance document on Section 106 contributions is due to be adopted by the Council in 2015, which sets the expectations from developments and the requirements for open space using the latest standards, and include interim values for all areas in Cornwall that supersede previous policy. The standards apply to the development of residential properties, and to some extent to holiday accommodation.

For small developments (less than 5 dwellings) within acceptable range of some form of open space (in accordance with adopted standards) contributions will be sought off site entirely via a Section 106 agreement or planning condition. For larger developments this will be a combination of on-site provision and some off-site. To help work through the requirements the Open Space Planning toolkit has been prepared for use on all developments.

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